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TakeVan has the concept of guys in their trucks, vans, cars, just driving around and getting hot females to climb into their car and onto their cocks. You can start by seeing various write-ups of the adventures that happen within this van. For most episodes, the guys are just driving; but when a hot babe is spotted, the brakes are slammed on hard. The offer is made to give them a lift or whatever. And when they get to the backseat of the van, there is this horny hung guy waiting for them.

Looking at the creative titles that are here, you can see the diverse females that these guys get. They have horny petites, long legged brunettes, milfs, nymph hookers, teen beauties, among various other females. The filming is inside the scripts that are made to give the movies more luster when you start playing them. The stories give the content here a charm that is indescribable, and keep the movies here unique to this particular producer.

The ladies here on Take Van look European and another more important thing is they look nothing like professional models and pornstars. This is critical in making this niche more real in the eyes of the viewers. It makes you really suspend your skepticism for the duration of the film, which is normally between 20-30 minutes. In addition, the scenes here take some time to develop, as the van sometimes gets lost, or they have a particular long drive with very few chances. However, for every film here, there is something to snare your bulging curious eyes.

The TakeVan.com updates come with description and thumbnail previews. When you go to the very bottom you are told that there is the deal for a network that you can access with membership deal here, and this is just fantastic for you. More porn, all with just one membership pass deal, great! Normally it is the males doing the seduction and the luring. But there are scenes where there is a lady cruising for hard cocks to cream all over in wild hardcore sex. The van is spacious enough to allow the ladies to be expressive enough in their sexual positions. This means that the camera inside gets all the rough anal, the deep doggy style fucking, the legs spread, and other interesting positions.

The movies come with subtitles in English, and the videos are in HD resolution. When they update they do so like every week with 2 movies. The top menu is basic, giving you Home, Pickups, Sites, and Join-Now options. The TakeVan website has increased the materials they have for members and have something considerable to offer with their style of films.