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Stunning18 is done by Antonio Clemens who is one of the many directors\photographers under the banner of MetArt studio and what he likes to deal in is content that is amazing to look at. The main content is in the photography that this guy makes but also there are videos here to consider. His name is talked of by many fans and critics who know a bit about the glorious high quality erotica world. Those with no exposure into this magical world will be doing themselves a favor by checking out this place.

Material that is soft has its place in the world and the fans who normally go out to look at such content are interested in the experience that they have when inside such websites. The erotic here means the nude and the semi naked, it is also restricted to the young females from ages legal 18 and on wards. They like teens, bodies that are just morphing into curvy women, and the ladies also have to be particularly beautiful. Because of the importance of the picture selection inside, you know that they are going to be looking after you in high-resolution jpegs and more.

The Stunning 18 pictures have 3 kinds of settings. Those that are at the top will give you galleries of upwards 5000pixels and these images are all elegant. There is the mid and lower resolution, to pack them in zip files and save is the easiest of things. And when working with videos, there is high definition (@1080p), normally this quality exists for the most recent updates. The way that the schedule looks to be making more updates is in concentrating on the pictures, which is sort of the specialty that Antonio works on, but they make video addition weekly.

For the week, there will be several pic galleries added, upto 4 sometimes, the galleries having a huge number of jpegs. So if you multiple the 450+ galleries with 150+ jpegs in each, the numbers you reach at are huge. They have mp4, wmv, flv files to consider, and discounts on the price tag of membership can be sourced from places just in case you want to save a couple of bucks. These guys do not describe the scenes, and they do not have lots of information on models.

And if you think soft-core is boring, then this website is most certainly not for you. Peeling back and making new discoveries of the models inside the website Stunning18 is a worthy prospect considering all that they have, and all that they update. The website could gain more by adding a bit more personality into their presentation, but if you just want to have content and girls, this place is interested in meeting you and entertaining you.