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Reality Lovers – are they worth it or not? For that question to have a sufficient good answer, one has to look at quality, content, services, and amount of videos. The quality of the videos is hardcore that has been done in the newest technology and that’s high definition 3-dimensional Virtual Reality films.

This collection of videos in VR formats is a growing popular theme in the industry of filming, ever since Imax Hollywood films made it big and brought this technology to the common market. Now everyone is interested in doing something in this filed, so there is bound to be many douche producers, and other excellent ones. Looking at the content here, it’s safe to say that this place falls on the excellent scale.

To watch the videos you need the technology and that’s getting one of the general available VR headsets. The price of these headsets has been falling, and access to them is not as elite as it was before. So you’d have to get -Google Cardboard, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR. Its intended the videos here are to be watched in Virtual Reality mode, but there is always the 2D streaming versions, of course lacking the splendor of full VR videos. The browser that you are using needs to be capable of doing the 3D videos neatly, so you can download certain web-based features online to give your browser this capability. It might sound complex, but it ain’t, there is always information and online help you can access.

The rooster of Reality Lovers videos here is enough to justify for the existence of the website, but still growing, so small in comparison, around seventy-four videos but growing. You have video + picture-set, and streaming online is as smooth as a lubricated cock! Downloading of the videos can take some time since they are large files, maximum output of the videos shows that you have 2880by1620 resolutions. From this information, the pictures should be crisp, which they are, and the videos come with 180-degree camera views. The videos have binaural sound, fancy talk for pure surround sound quality, so each moan and runt is enchanting. In case you didn’t know, VR videos normally are 4K resolution just like they are inside here.

Action is made up of ladies in hardcore, lesbians, couples, some with tidbits of stories, and others just going into the sex. You’ll end up with mainstream hardcore porn, but it the virtual reality aspect that gives everything here a push over the edge! Work on navigation system inside should include them providing search options that are better, apart from that its good enough. Reality Lovers weekly updates is just the thing to help increase the bulk and quality of this pornsite.