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Mile High Media still acts the way a professional good hardcore provider should, with explicit expressions of real hardcore fucking all round! The place is a market hub for the hardcore DVD movies that have several scenes in each DVD, so that multiplies out nicely for you once you get inside.

The updating of the smut movies is a forward moving process that these guys take very seriously. You can say that they have many movies to show each week cause of the daily updates that they make, so monthly you’ll definitely get your fair share of new models sex and niches. Each scene can have several types of niches in it, so that is one reason they have linked the stuff so that you can search quick.

Members find sample pictures and videos convenient for checking out a preview before investing in the scene. Other methods of sorting are included to complete the design of the site so that navigation is maximally easy for you. If there is a problem, there are ways of sorting it out including online support staff. The DVD covers of the content here looks dynamically nasty and explicit. Members have mp4 and windows media files. There’s content from 240p to high definition 1080p. There’s about to be 4 or 5 scenes in the DVD that play for 20 minutes averagely, so most of the DVDs are longer than one hour. The online streaming feature has only one very good high-speed option, and adding more versatility to it would be great guys! Anyway, so this place has added even more websites, more pornstars, more videos.

So as far as growing goes, they are good. The range of pictures normally is just a depiction of what the films are showing, resolution being normal to smaller sizes. The videos are the gems that are going to resonate with you when you check in. You can add many to your favorites list, learn about models and filter very much the sort of niches you would like to watch first. There are many studios and famed directors packing up the galleries you get access to with this membership deal, so no more boredom! The live camera models can be seen under a different section inside your member’s area, and you can create an account and begin building your profile.

There isn’t much to complain about in design or sort of movies and niches that Mile High Media is about. What they can do is remaster the older films to full HD for those in very low res, but some people like the vintage look of such movies, so that’s 50-50! There are bonuses and just a lot of super hot things to get involved in with this deal, so you’re joining them, today (right now after finishing reading this because it’s recommended that you do!)