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Some people think its way cool that the cops are handing out this sort of affection inside the website FakeCop! How is that and how does this website help with citizen-cop relations? Through unrestricted full-blown hardcore sex, that’s how! When you search for this site, you learn that there is the Fakehub.com Network, with other “fake-like” named pornsites that do other things. What’s common is that all the sites of the network use the same creative method-performance to get there point across. It’s some guy or girl in some profession (cops, doctors, casting agents) who is using their position to use and fuck young and older sexy ladies. The whole network has hundred of films, but first, let’s get into the cop situation on this pornsite. The “cop” website:

The script of the porn here is always about power exploitation by the cops. They’re wearing the uniforms and have that swagger of authority in them as they get to meet different ladies who have done some bad shit. The ladies are in trouble, and are handcuffed, searched, threatened, asked questions right before the cop starts groping them.

The ladies take the chance to offer the cop what they are asking for in order to be set free, and they do get free, after some intense sex. The scenes are meant to be taken lightheartedly and the performances are fun enough to make you fall into the fantasy they’re showing. Sometimes, you will get groups of cops and babes having orgies, or threesomes, but it’s mostly a guy cop and a sexy young female.

For now, the website hasn’t reached the status of having hundred of updates, but has films on the lower number scale. That’s why it was necessary for them to link the other network scenes in the bonus that you get so that you have access to over one thousand eight hundred films. To save them from too much criticism, the website has high definition videos 1080p resolution. Also, mobile sizes, smaller cause the full HD are big files best for computers. But you can access whatever size you want to stream and save, as the connections are speedy and stable enough.

No, the cops are not taking pictures, so you don’t have picture galleries just hardcore porn. There is also restricted information on the models as you get bare essentials only. The range of sex is from bjs, anal, pussy penetration, cumshots, and you have scenes indoors and outdoors. The variety of the network bonus is expansive enough to kill any complaints you may have, and so is the section of models and girls inside this network. From FakeCop, all people want to see is more updates, but this is a good fun place to enjoy European porn.