Top 10 Porn Sites

Thanks for visiting SnitchWare as we present the best adult sites for 2018 along with massive discounts and offers solely for your viewing pleasure.

Instead of the top 10 sites, why not just the top 5?! Why waste time with 6-10, I say!

1. Reality Kings


Number one on this list are the kings of porn, Reality Kings and why are they number one. Well, have you checked out their site lately? Nothing but the hottest girls committed to providing the hottest scenes ever seen. What’s more is their unbeatable discount they currently are offering. 80% off one year, no it’s not fake, it’s Reality Kings!

2. Brazzers


Seriously, if you are surprised that Brazzers made the list, you are crazy! For years, Brazzers have been thrilling us with iconic videos that get every man and women excited. Speaking of excitement, Brazzers has an awesome deal for their one month subscribers, just $17.95 for 30 days. Once again, the Brazzers Network has wowed us!

3. Mofos


We are probably the only guys that put Mofos on the Top 10 aka why waste time, Top 5 list! They deserve it though, their videos are by far the sexiest among all networks. Very bold statement, but just look at the girls there! How can you say no to any of them. In terms of a discount, Mofos has got that too at 50% off your 30 day access and only $10/mo. for a year!

4. Evil Angel


The studios of the Evil Angel network are up to no good, but in a very good way! Their videos are meant for a particular crowd, but honestly, the quality of their videos and the way their exclusive girls engage for action, turns on even the lamest guy. Offers on Evil Angel can be had up to 80% off, which is completely insane!

5. BangBros


Let’s not forget BangBros now! This adult network looks dated but I can completely assure you, it ain’t. Updates happen everyday and videos just get better and better. The site is directed towards anyone who loves to watch some seriously fierce action be it man on women or women on women, BangBros has it at it’s rawest form. Save up to 67% off, if you join in 2017.